Is there a charge for a consultation?

Is there a charge for a consultation? All wedding dress design consultations are free without any obligation.  Consultations can be very informative if you are torn between a custom gown and ready made. It never hurts to be armed with a lot of information while making such a big decision!  There is never any pressure to make a decision at a consultation.  Virtual consultations are also available. 

What should I expect at a consultation?

What should I expect at a consultation? We will sit down and chat about your wedding and your  gown ideas while I do drawings . I will pick your brain to come up with a design that both suits you and the  style of your wedding. Fabrics will be shown and quotes given for all the designs discussed. Quotes are good for 30 days after a consultation.

How long does it take to make a wedding gown?

How long does it take to make a wedding gown? Really, this depends on my schedule. I only take on a limited number of gowns per year and tend to book up quickly.  It is ideal to have 8 months to a year to work with a bride on her gown if the wedding is during peak season.  I have made gowns in as little as 2 weeks though, so never hesitate to ask about my availability for your date. 

* UPDATE -I am currently not taking on any more gowns for 2024* 

Do I have to supply a pattern or fabric for the dress?

Do I have to supply a pattern or fabric for the dress? 
I am a pattern drafter by trade and do not require a commercial pattern.  This is how you can have any style you like.  I carry pretty much all of the popular bridal fabrics for most styles. I also have hundreds of laces to choose from.   Whether you choose a luxurious silk or prefer the practicality of a man made fabric, all fabrics and laces are of highest quality and are chosen to be the best fit for your design.  Eco friendly options are also available. Occasionally a bride may be looking for something I don't carry (like a specific colour) and I will guide them in finding what they need.  This is very rare though as I spend a great deal of time sourcing fabrics and keeping on top of trends.  

How do I know I am going to like my dress?

How do I know I am going to like my dress?
 Every effort is made to ensure you not only like your gown but you LOVE it!  I take great pride in my work and count on future referrals from happy brides!  Your gown will be as important to me as it is to you.  Through the stages of producing your gown, there are steps taken to assure it is the right design/fit for you.  We will not go on to the next step of finishing your gown until you are satisfied.

Will my gown be ready for my wedding?

Will my gown be ready for my wedding? Absolutely!  From the day your gown is booked, a schedule is made up for each fitting, and pick up of your finished gown.  I keep a strict schedule and you never leave a fitting without knowing when your next fitting will be.  You will see the finished product long before your wedding date.  This is why I limit the number of gowns I take on each season. 

Do you have sample gowns for me to try on?

Do you have sample gowns for me to try on? I do have samples on display so you can see my workmanship and design skills.  However, this is not a traditional bridal shop.  I strive to provide an experience unlike a bridal shop, creating a unique experience and gown for each bride. Most brides that are considering a custom gown have already gone the traditional route and not found what they have liked. It is my job to ensure that through fit and proportion, the style that you have chosen will suit you. 26 years of happy brides give me the confidence to say that you will love your dress!

A custom gown sounds expensive..Is it something I can afford?

A custom gown sounds expensive..Is it something I can afford? When you consider the cost of buying off the rack and the alteration charges involved, it can really add up and in the end you have a gown that is mass produced, advertised everywhere and not made for you. I can give quotes over email before a consultation to ensure it is the right fit for you. Brides tend to find custom gowns are very good value for the service and product they are receiving. 

What are your hours?

What are your hours? I operate by appointment only so that each bride is seen one on one for both the consultation and the fittings.  My design studio is a friendly safe space for all. Regardless of size, shape, religion, colour or sexual orientation, my goal is that everybody is made to feel welcome and comfortable.  

Ready to Chat?

Ready to Chat? Happy to answer any further questions , please see my CONTACT page for email and phone number!